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I welcome you to enjoy the cooking I have prepared for decades. All of my dishes are authentic traditional Indian cuisine and are prepared with fresh local ingredients and blended with aromatic Indian spices. The style is influenced from my days in Madras and Maldives.

Enjoy the indi's experience!

Master Chef Abbas Ibrahim

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G - gluten free
L - lactose free
N - contains nuts
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$10.50 vegetable pakora 3pce GL Mild logo potato, spinach, peas & ginger coated in a chickpea batter accompanied by homemade mint sauce
$10.50 vegetable samosa 3pce   Mild logo a spicy mix of onions, potatoes & peas fill this pastry. served with fresh mint chutney  
chicken tikka 6pce
G Mild logo bite size pieces of marinated tandoor cooked chicken served with tamarind dipping sauce  
$11.00 lamb samosa 3pce   Medium logo premium minced lamb cooked with fresh mint, onion & ginger wrapped in pastry. served with mint chutney  
$10.50 potato masala roti 2pce GN Mild logo roti bread filled with a mix of potato, coriander, lentil, cashew, served with coconut chutney  
Lamb curries          
$16.50 lamb rogan josh GNL Medium logo classic lamb dish using kashmiri red chilies, onion, almonds, ginger and fresh spices, nut free available
$16.50 lamb korma GN Mild logo tender pieces of south australian lamb in a cashew, cardamon and yogurt sauce finished with an aromatic garam masala  
$16.50 mirch nariyal GL Hot logo juicy, slowly braised aussie lamb in an explosive hot & tangy sauce with garam masala, cumin, birds eye chilli & coconut  
$16.50 saag gosht GL Mild logo lamb cooked in a blend of spinach, popped mustard seed and ginger, a north indian specialty  
Chicken curries          
$15.50 chicken madras GL Medium logo traditional south indian dish cooked with coconut, tumeric, chilli and curry leaf
$15.50 butter chicken G Mild logo tandoor marinated chicken breast in a rich fenugreek infused tomato and capsicum sauce  
$15.50 chicken korma GN Mild logo tender pieces of breast fillet cooked in a mild rich and creamy sauce of cashews, ginger and coriander  
$15.50 chicken vindaloo GL Hot logo thigh fillet pieces in an explosive hot and tangy tomato sauce with garam masala, cumin, paprika, tumeric and coriander  
$15.50 murgh palak GL Medium logo chicken curry cooked with tomato, onion and ginger, flavoured with cassia and tamarind spinach  
$15.50 chicken tikka masala G Medium logo tandoori tikka pieces simmered with onion, tomato, cumin, dash of cream  
Beef curries          
$16.00 beef tikka masala G Medium logo marinated tender beef, simmered in a mild creamy sauce with delicately spiced fresh potatoes  
$16.00 beef do piaza G Medium logo beef, slowly braised in a tangy coconut and fresh capsicum sauce  
$16.00 goan beef vindaloo GL Hot logo tender beef cooked in an explosive hot and spicy red chilli sauce of tomatoes, cumin, paprika and coriander  
$16.00 badami kofta GN Mild logo balls of spiced minced beef in an almond and tumeric sauce  
Seafood curries          
$18.50 lamb G Medium logo pulao rice layered with curry, fresh mint and coriander, served with boiled egg and raita    
$18.00 chicken G Medium logo pulao rice layered with curry, fresh mint and coriander, served with boiled egg and raita  
$17.50 vegetarian G Mild logo pulao rice layered with curry, fresh mint and coriander, served with boiled egg and raita  
Seafood curries          
$19.50 masala fish curry L Medium logo marinated boneless fillet, pan fried with a coconut, coriander, lime and curry leaf sauce - subject to availability
$17.50 jhinga masala GL Medium logo prawns cooked in a mustard seed, green bean, onion and fresh tomato sauce  
$17.50 jhinga malai G Mild logo prawns coated in a creamy fresh coriander, mustard seed and ginger sauce  
Veg curries          
$11.00 aloo gobi GL Mild logo potato and cauliflower, spiced with cumin, tomato and coriander
$11.00 vegetable korma GN Mild logo mixed locally grown vegetables, simmered in a creamy mild cashew sauce  
$10.50 channa dahl G Mild logo slowly cooked yellow lentil stew, tempered with cumin, ginger and tomato  
$12.50 capsicum & eggplant masala GL Medium logo tandoor roasted eggplant and capsicum cooked in an exciting rich tomato and onion sauce  
$11.50 saag paneer G Mild logo indian cheese 'paneer' tossed lightly in a sauce of spinach with coriander, mustard seeds and fennel  
$10.50 chickpea masala GL Medium logo chickpeas slowly simmered in a spicy tomato, onion and mustard seed sauce  
$10.50 aloo mutter GL Mild logo cubes of tender potato, combined with peas, fresh tomato, tumeric, onion and aromatic masala spices  
$10.50 malai kofta G Mild logo cottage cheese dumpling in creamy tomato, capsicum and fenugreek sauce  
$10.50 potato masala GL Mild logo cubes of tumeric infused kestral potato with lentil, coriander, onion and curry leaf  
$11.00 vegetable curry G Mild logo seasonal vegetables cooked with cumin, ginger, capsicum, dash of cream  
$4.00 S basmati GL   steamed himalayan aromatic rice
$5.00 L          
$4.50 S pulao rice G   basmati steamed with ginger, cloves and cardamom  
$5.50 L          
$3.50 plain naan      
$4.50 garlic or cheese naan        
$5.00 chilli cheese or garlic cheese naan        
$5.00 keema naan     spiced beef, cheese, garlic  
$6.00 tandoori chicken     chicken, cheese, coriander, spices  
$3.00 roti     wholemeal flat bread - lactose free by request  
$4.50 paratha     flakey unleavened bread  
$3.00 pappadums GL    
$4.50 cucumber raita G      
$2.50 coconut chutney GLN      
$2.00 mango chutney GL      
$2.00 mixed vegetable pickle GL      
$2.00 lime pickle GL      
$1.00 vindaloo paste GL Hot logo for those who like it hot  
$7.50 gulab jamun N   a favourite indian dessert. golden milk pastry balls, smothered with cardamom and pistachio scented sugar syrup
$7.50 mango kulfi G   indian icecream  
$7.50 pistachio & cardamon kulfi GN